A long time ago I was trying to find a web site full with great anime pictures and themes. There were few successes, but overall the search result weren’t as satisfactory as I would like them to. That is why I created this web blog – to help myself, and you the visitors of this site to keep track of the original anime art available on the net.


We Suck Fansubs

If you have been an anime fan for a while – you know about the fan clubs out there. They often are the only legit lay to get your anime if you live outside of Japan. While I was watching Loveless, I noticed the web address of the fan club who have translated the series and made them available on the net. Went there and not to surprise me we suck, turn out to be one of the greatest fan clubs there – which can be seen from the quality of their releases too. They do have a bit torrent site , which I guess will be the better solution – compared with e-mule, which works as well , but sometimes you can get confused with all the titles there. I got few of the loveless series with Spanish subs , which doesn’t not work for me ( not yet )


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