A long time ago I was trying to find a web site full with great anime pictures and themes. There were few successes, but overall the search result weren’t as satisfactory as I would like them to. That is why I created this web blog – to help myself, and you the visitors of this site to keep track of the original anime art available on the net.


List of good anime titles and great review site !

There are quite a few good anime blogs, trough sometimes it is kind of hard to stumble upon them because of all that trash that lays out there on the Internet. What I found today was this cool list of anime titles on the qem_chibati pages at Live Journal.


And sometimes you do want to know more about your new hentai discovery before spending several hours of downloading it (or purchasing it – if that is what you prefer).


Hentai Neko  is definitely the site to go – the sait claims to have “over 450 pages of hentai reviews, shopping guides, fan fics, articles and more and it does. I have never seen that good reviews related to Hentai.




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