A long time ago I was trying to find a web site full with great anime pictures and themes. There were few successes, but overall the search result weren’t as satisfactory as I would like them to. That is why I created this web blog – to help myself, and you the visitors of this site to keep track of the original anime art available on the net.


List of good anime titles and great review site !

There are quite a few good anime blogs, trough sometimes it is kind of hard to stumble upon them because of all that trash that lays out there on the Internet. What I found today was this cool list of anime titles on the qem_chibati pages at Live Journal.


And sometimes you do want to know more about your new hentai discovery before spending several hours of downloading it (or purchasing it – if that is what you prefer).


Hentai Neko  is definitely the site to go – the sait claims to have “over 450 pages of hentai reviews, shopping guides, fan fics, articles and more and it does. I have never seen that good reviews related to Hentai.






Few days ago I saw the first episode of Loveless.

Quite an interesting series - I liked it a lot.

It is a bit confusing at first , there is that boy Ritsuka who is quite an interesting lad. There is a lot of anger in him and you can most definitely feel it while watching the anime. However who could blame him since there is that girl in the first episode that likes him and kind of follows him around. She is really annoying trough in a way I feel bad for her because of the way her friends threat her.

There are nice done fight scenes  which I think do not feel quite well in the overall atmosphere but still worth watching. Here is what I found about them in Wikipedia :

The fighting style  in the anime is also unique; fighting can only occur between couples (with a few exceptions), where the one is the Sacrifice, who receives all damage, and the other the Fighter, who attempts to attack the enemy couple.

The best site of the series I was able to find out is FATE. It has everything – from photos to character profiles and much more.

If you know any simular series , please leave me a comment …

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