A long time ago I was trying to find a web site full with great anime pictures and themes. There were few successes, but overall the search result weren’t as satisfactory as I would like them to. That is why I created this web blog – to help myself, and you the visitors of this site to keep track of the original anime art available on the net.


A way to share anime

Hey Pals,

Tired of looking for a host for your anime files. Well here is a list of hosts you could use. And by the way feel welcome to give links to files you have uploaded as a comments to this topic.

I guess I will be doing the same soon...but for now here is the list :

500 MB

30 MB

250 MB

500 MB

30 MB

500 MB

20 MB

48 MB

170 MB

17 MB

100 MB

100 MB


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