A long time ago I was trying to find a web site full with great anime pictures and themes. There were few successes, but overall the search result weren’t as satisfactory as I would like them to. That is why I created this web blog – to help myself, and you the visitors of this site to keep track of the original anime art available on the net.


Anime Torrents

Just a quick entry - getting anime trough torrents - do it from this great site :

Deadfrog Torrents

Now I have no idea why they name it Dead Frog, but it does not really matter, does it !?!



Looking for fine quality anime wallpapers, may be for some other type of art as well?! is the site for you. The site had two language versions – German and English. It consist of few different kind of boards:

1. Main-Boards:
· /a/ - Anime – many general anime pictures are posted in here. As of this moment most of the pictures are of beautiful girls, but there are few exceptions of course.
· /b/ - Random – different kind of funny pictures, which definitely have nothing to do with the anime art
· /c/ - Anime Cute –Girls, girls, girls – I really don’t see why this is a separate board – it content would perfectly fit into the first board I mentioned above.
· /e/ - Ecchi – Girls again, but this type in seductive poses. Still the content is PG 13 as the images are very mild.
· /h/ - Hentai – R rating – that is for sure. Pure Hentai art.
· /s/ - Sexy Women – another non-anime board. Full of girls who someone finds as sexy – there are few cute ones I have to agree, but overall nothing special.
· /v/ - Video Games – Screen shots from Video Games, pretty much a way for you to choose your next n one
· /w/ - Anime Wallpapers – the title is self-explanatory. The wallpapers I published before in this blog were taken from here.

2. Sub-Boards:
· /cm/ - Cute Male – this is still a small board consisting just 2 pages by the time I write this entry. There is some yaoi in it and some general images as well.
· /d/ - Alternative – monsters with girls, boys …etc. Its fantasy right – so R rating would be too severe, but still don’t go to this site if you are not prepared for what is in there to see
· /f/ - Furry – hybrids of human and animals, or human and aliens. Pretty freaky one could say – and he might be right , but after all the bunny girls/boys series are great…so check out this board if you feel like it.
· /n/ - Neko – another small board for all of you who like cat girls
· /su/ - Succubus – Daemon girls, seductive and scary at the same time
· /y/ - Yuri – very small board with art of girls who like other girls. R rating I must add.
· /ya/ - yaoi- tiny board with mixed contents. As far as I know it is supposed to be for boys who like other boys, but the posted images are mixed. As the previous -R rating for that one as well

3. Trial-Boards:
· /gif/ - Animated Gifs – anime and non-anime.
· /z/ - Destruction- mostly car crashes photos
4. Special-Boards:
· /flash/ - Flash- all kinds of various swf flash files. There are some anime ones, some funny ones – even games.
· /logo/ - Logos –
· /o/ - Oekaki – user drawn graphics. Have a scanner – send yours in.
· /t/ - Torrents- few Hentai games I see in this board. I guess it will be growing in the near future.

Those were the places at OneChan I find interesting. There are few other sections as well, but I won’t be discussing them in this post.


My Evil Alien

Just watched one of the most amazing anime music videos I could imagine. Its name is My Evil Alien and it is a production of the Aquiline Studios. It includes scenes of the anime Fooly Cooly and the soundtrack is of the song My Immortal by Evanescence. The only thing I sorry for is that I wasn’t be able to download the 30 MB version and got 12 MB one – which is good enough to me, but knowing that it could be much better – gee I want it madly. If you like anime music videos and haven’t seen the web site of Aquiline Studios you are at lost , so hurry and point your mouse to


Anime Music Videos

I really enjoy watching anime music videos. Before when I was into techno music – it was so cool when you dance and the club is showing some nice made anime to go with the music. Later on I saw some anime music videos in other genres and liked them as well. Few minutes ago I stumbled upon a web site, which claims to have 34034 locally hosted videos available for, download. You have to be member to get them, but hey the good news is that the membership is free. So I am signing in – and if you want you can do that too : go to the


Learning how to draw

Looking at anime pictures in nice, but always there come a moment in which you want to draw your own ones. Having experience in drawing could help, but it is not absolute requirement as there are many sources of information that can be useful to you. I asked at Gaia for help on that matter and here are the summarized results:

It would be good idea to go to your favorite site and try to copy some of the artwork in there. Baka Neko is one of the best sites that could be of a great help to anyone – it is loaded with great tutorials and even have superb gallery from which you can choose something to work on.

Bakaneko Website

Other great place to start is the website of Polykarbon.It is also very nicely made with tutorials that can be used even from absolute beginners.

Bakaneko Website

There are the two sites I recommend. Other than that visiting .this web site you will be able to find many other links to good tutorials and other resources.

I just started drawing myself and as soon as I get a scanner I will upload some of the things I made. If you send me your artworks I would be glad to publish them as well.

Here it is my very first drawing. Please keep in mind that I have never done that before :

Free Image Hosting at

Here you can see how it looked originaly on the sheet of paper :

Free Image Hosting at

Since I do not have a scaner yet , I used my digital camera to take my drawing online. It is not a very good camera and that is why the quality is so poor.


Seven Selected Anime Wallpapers

Do you like to have good anime wallpapers on your desktop? I do and just found some really cool ones. Let’s check them out:

The first three are from the air series. The black lines on the top and on the bottom are extremely useful – you can put your icons in there and your desktop will look so much better.


Gorgeous anime girls are to be found on the next three:


And of course I wont miss a wallpaper featuring two cute boys:



Anime Zone goes Mobile

Few hours ago I made this site available as prc news channel that could be seen on both PDAs and Smart Phones using the Mobipocket Reader, which is free software you can download from:


You can find this site on Mobipocket Web Companion list under its Weblog directory.

Please keep in mind that these are my first attempts in both bloging and mobile publishing. I know that not everything in perfect, but it would improve over time. Any feedback is welcome.


My List

There are quite a few anime series there. I kept saving a list of what I see on the net to look up afterwards, but instead occupying a text file on my computer only I trought that it will be better to get it online. So here it is:

If I have missed your favorite series, movie or couple just make a comment and I will update this list.

Anime series

Ai No Kuzabi
Descendants Of Darkness
Earthian or Kizuna.
Mirage of Blaze
YuYu Hakusho
Wolf’s Rain
Neon Genesis
Final Fantasy Unlimited
Last Exile
Revolutionary Girl Utena
Fruit Basket
Soul Hunter
Gate Keepers
Slayers , Next & Try
Gundam Wing
G Gundam
Gundam Seed
Rurouni Kenshin
R.O.D. The TV
Sorcerer Hunters
Magic Users Club
Twin Signal
Soul Taker
Ranma ?
Angel Sanctuary
Photon The Idiot Adventures
Parallel Dual !
Sorcerer On The Rocks
Tenchi Muyo
Hunter x Hunter
Battle Arena Toshinden

Anime couples
Haku and chihiro (Spirited away)
Goku and sanzo (gensomaden saiyuki)
Blue and Hige (Wolf's rain)
kiki and Tombo (kiki's delivery service)
Pazu and Sheeta (castle laputa)
Hideki and Chii (Chobits)
Hiwatari and Daisuke (D.N. angel)
Riku and daisuke (D.N. angel)
kaworu and rei (evangelion)
Onizuka and I forgot the teachers name (GTO)
Aki and aya (ayashi No Ceres)
Miaka and tamahome (Fuushigi Yugi)
van and Hitomi (escaflowne)
Rei and Shinji (evangelion)
Tsubasa and Hisoka (Yami no matsuei)
Miki and Ginta (Marmalade boy)
Yukino and Arima (Kare Kano)
Yoshikawa and Anko (GTO)
Li and Eriol...just kiddin! Li and Mei li (Cardcaptor sakura)
San and Ashitaka (mononoke)

anime movies

Akira : still one of the best
Digimon The Movie
Revolutionary Girl Utena
Escaflowne The Movie
Tenchi Muyo In Love
Tenchi Forever
Cowboy Bebop: The Movie
Lupin III: The Castle of Cagliostro
Spirited Away
Tokyo Godfathers
Slayers Premium
Slayers The Motion Picture
Cardcaptors The Movie
Legend Of Crystania The Motion Picture
Ah My Goddes The Movie
Ranma Nihao My Concubine

Most popular Yaoiu titles :

АnК /Аi nо Кusabi/
Kaze to Ki no Uta
Boy Next Door
Boku no Sexual Harassment
After school in the teacher’s lounge
Boku wa Konomana Kaerarai
Sensitive Pornograph
Mirage of Blaze
Fujimi Orchestra
Kaikan Phrase
Legend of Blue Wolves


Anime Music

Just recently I have heard about this specific genre for a very first time. I had the chance to hear some staff and gosh did I like it. ! It is generally hard to find a recent source of media out there. But here is what I just found:

Kayu no Media

This site has a nice collection of Mp3 files including from the Digimon series , Akira, Gravitation ...etc.

You will also find video files, gif animations and good reviews.


Level Outer Space

The Level Outer space series are so cool. I just found a web site with about 100 great pictures. There is something in the way they are drawn – I am not sure what – I guess the colors, combined with that unique style. The eyes are drawn big as it is a common in the Japanese illustrations and I am guessing that most of the art is of Digimon Style.

Here are some examples:

 Level Outer Space exmpl  Level Outer Space exmpl 2  Level Outer Space exmpl 3  Level Outer Space exmpl 4

Check the rest on the Level Outer Space website


The best source of Anime

I was browsing a picture board looking for new wallpapers for my desktop. Suddenly I noticed the link home at the top at the page. I trough, hmm if there is a home page may be this board would be a part of something bigger – like a community or something. Did it – clicked on that link and…was I right or was I right - IICHAN v3.0 come to view.

Now I can that this is one of the most complete anime portals I have seen. Everything is build upon a bulletin board structure – but of a different kind. Here is what the board owner has to say about the kind software he developed for his boards:

“This kind of board software is built around anonymous posting and no requirements for registration, to make the boards more suited for casual uses, and more fun overall. They are written in Perl, and are designed to be more efficient and cleanly written than the original scripts that are available, while preserving the same kind of functionality.”

More about the Wakaba and Kareha scripts

You just got to see this site for yourself. It has so great variety of topics that I doubt that you will ever get bored once you start browsing it.



Various Tests

What a day – browsing various anime sites for like what 10 hours – or more…

One of the good places I found has a cool test. I took it and according to the results :

You're small, you're cute, you're fluffy. You're the essential schoolbag accessory for every magical girl; you're probably sitting on the bishounen's shoulder; you hang around the base and provide comic relief from the mecha pilots; and once an episode you get squished by the Villain. You've somehow become necessary for every self-respecting anime series, although your plot functions are negligible. We all hate you, you know.

Which generic anime character are you?

So let’s see I am cute and fluffy – that is so ( :

If you decide to take this test – drop me a comment with your result, kay!

According to another test :

You Are A Changeling
Take the World of Darkness Quiz
by David J Rust

And see “ Adventure and Courtly love; railing against the Darkness of Mundane Life “ – that is so me.
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